Friday, June 10, 2011


Ok, so I think my scale lied to me yesterday, because today it says 182!!!!  Holy moly batman, I think I might be losing a lot of the water weight.  Not to mention I am more active here, granted I have not been doing a whole lot of zumba, but between chasing kids and dogs, that in itself is a workout.  Now for the measurements.  I went down in everything except for my hips.  I am having some issues with my right hip, not sure if it is a little swollen or what, but am happy with the rest.

Today                           Beginning                     Total Loss

Neck:  13.5                  14.5                             1 in
Waist:  35                    36.25                           1.25 in
Hips:  46.5                   47.25                            0.75 in
Thigh:  24.5                  28.25                            3.75 in

I think I probably messed up on some of the previous measurements but this is not bad! I did some research on how to properly measure and these make more sense!

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