Friday, October 22, 2010

Week one, Day 3

Today was an ok day.  Woke up with a bad migraine, but pushed through it and did my work out.  Next week I am going to up my work out to 30 min, just starting off slow so I don't injure myself.

Food wise, I really wasn't hungry today.
Breakfast did a lean shake
Lunch did a grilled turkey and provolone cheese sandwich
did a couple of mini raisin packs for a snack
Then my awsome hubby got me a soy spiced chai which only had 210 calories
For dinner did a tuna pasta

Even for having the starbucks I still didn't go over my calorie intake for the day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week one, Day 2

Started off very good! Kids woke up at 7am grrr..but ohh well got to work with it! Took my vitamin pack, sat Boo in her highchair and gave her breakfast. Gave Booger a bottle, put him in his swing, then started up the WII. Started out with the WII shape body test, gained under a pound, which I know weight fluctuates day to day. Then got on my WII your shape and did 15 min of talk about hurting from yesterday, just pushed through the pain.

So, did cardio, torso twists and leg lifts.

Meal plan for the day. GNC vanilla bean shake (surprisingly very good)
1 fiber plus strawberry yogurt
for lunch I am going to do a muscle milk shake
Snack I think I am going to do some manderin oranges
For Dinner I am going to make a chicken salad using my salad spritzer!
then another shake during break at work, then my nightly GNC diet cleanser, that actually tastes pretty good!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 1

Today begins the new Me. We had family pics taken and I absolutely hate the way I look in them. I will not buy any of the ones with me in them. So I am going to do something about it.

Kind of a sad day also though. Last night was the last night of nursing Cade, but you know what, he got 9 and 1/2 months of it. With the stuff I am taking, he can't have, plus I want to be around for a while, so I need to work on my weight and health.

We went to GNC and my hubby is soo awsome, he got me the gnc total lean jump start weight loss kit. Plus some more muscle milk for replacement meals.

This day started out ok. At least Cade let me get in my first morning excersise with the WII. Did 10 leg lifts, and 50 twists. Tried to do some crunches but got way too dizzy to do them.

For some reason my first snack of cottage cheese is kind of hard to get down...hmmmm

On the menu for lunch a strawberry and creme muscle milk shake, then later a snack of manderin oranges, and for dinner I am going to make Shrimp scampi from my Jenny Craig cook book, I personally am going to have very little of the pasta that goes with it.

So here is to Day 1!